Imma Steal Someone's Comments

I really liked the way "Ginau" expressed his/her frustration on the comments board ... so I'm stealing it and posting it here. (the picture is not hers ... but I'm just using the "picture is worth 1000 words" to express emotions ... picture from crimfants)

Time to start looking for 'non-beta' alternatives for gmail, because this sucks and I certainly don't want to set myself up for another "migrate-a-thon" in the future by (foolishly) assuming that Google wouldn't just dump its most useful (and sadly, unique) tool without much
warning at all.

If the 'beta' moniker Google places on all of its products is essentially to be interpreted as "We reserve the right to just arbitrarily yank this tool, after pushing and pushing and pushing it, convincing you to store lots of data with us, etc, because everything at Google is wake up tomorrow and you never know what *won't* be there anymore.

Let's hope the companies that offer "stable/non-beta" software alternatives can come close to a decent Notebook clone, not to mention gmail -- because the only Big Name I'd trust less than google with my mail/data right now is/remains Microsoft. (But I

Shame. I can't remember a time when I actually posted to a blog, much less posted to bemone the death of a piece of software or (etc) -- and yet here I am, even knowing that these words (and the rest of the ~500 some odd pleas that came before it) are unlikely to have any sway or effect.

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