UberNote Google Notebook Import

UberNote is the first to come through with a tool designed to import notes from Google Notebook. Good for them. I haven't tried it yet, but look forward to giving it a go.
I'm happy to see these guys working hard to get this done quickly (Congrats ... and sorry about not having the little horizontal ":" over the "u"). Us hardcore Google Notebook users are wanted by someone ... just not Google.


Also ... more crying:


  1. I just tried UberNote and it looks like a great alternative to Notebook.
    It looks familiar to a Notebook user and has most (all?) the features of Notebook.
    It imported my notebooks quite well (some tags were doubled but everything else was fine).
    I wonder *why* isn't it mentioned in the poll to the right (alternatives to notebook) as it seems the one to be closest to Notebook in purpose and implementation.