The Most Comprehensive List of Google Notebook Alternatives (IN THE WORLD)

Don't get me wrong - Notebook is the best and I want it! But people are going to look for alternatives (at least until we get Notebook back ;)). Not all of these alternatives have all the features of Notebook, so some are a bit of a stretch, but you can decide which might suit your needs. Sorry if I missed anyone's application of choice (feel free to add it in the comments).
So here's THE list of Google Notebook alternatives (in alphabetical order).
  1. BasKet Note Pads- Download required

  2. CintaNotes-Free - Download Required - can run on USB

  3. Clipmarks

  4. Evernote - quite popular

  5. Diigo - Doing development to win Notebook fans - not sure how it will "fit"

  6. KeyNote - Co. went bankrupt ... made product Open Source

  7. MS OneNote 2007 - Stand alone software (not web based or free)

  8. MS Thumbtack - New product - still in "LiveLabs" (Notebook was still in Beta - as is Gmail?)

  9. Net Notes (Firefox Extension only)

  10. Notefish

  11. Opera Browser- Cool idea - Browser with built-in note taking functionality

  12. Scrapbook (Firefox Extension only)

  13. Snipd

  14. Springnote

  15. Springpad

  16. TreePad- recommendation from a reader -can run on USB drive

  17. Ubernote

  18. Web-Chops

  19. Web Notes

  20. Zoho Notebook

  21. Zotero -Firefox Extension Only - Looks good for students


  1. You could add TreePad to the list. I just discovered that you can run it off your flash drive. I used to use it before going to Google Notebook and I think I am returning now to it. Google made me nervous about letting anyone handle my stuff online. Never know when it will disappear or go paid and then out of my pocket book and control.

  2. I'm looking alternatives too. You could add Springpad ( All the google notebook feature are there except 2 big things:
    1)the bookmarklet to clip web content.
    2)the publish options for "non-springpad user".

    In my opinion, adding OneNote in the list is not good because it is completely different. then, add EssentialPIM or another notes applications. Go to softpedia and search for notes apps. It is not the best way. It is the same for zotero or another add-on because it depend of a specific application.

    the best way is to choose criteria to make your selection. exemple:
    * web based (cross-platform)
    * add-on to clip notes (the bookmarklet is the best solution because it's cross-platform too)
    * multi-media clipping (basic text, web content, images, video is the minimum)
    * managing capacities
    * sharing/publishing functions (including private publishing)
    * working with collaborator
    * export capacities
    * clear or user-friendly interface (but it's very subjective)
    * ...

    I believe that we are all disappointed because we use all many google applications and we log once to use all of them. Now we are forced to leave the Google circle and we don't want to.

    / *translation made by google.translate/

  3. I just noted this list in Google Notebook :)

  4. We could do with a matrix review of these apps to see what the feature set is compared to Notebook.

    Any volunteers?

  5. Lets find out what the Google boys are using, obviously they are not using their own products.

  6. @Renee Zamora: I don't thing TreePad is good. I suggest you Keynote. It's free and more convenient, more flexible, can use as a portable sofware and have many add-on.


    If you consider, pls pay your attention in this blog...

    You can find some softwares or services instead G Notebook

  8. I've tried them all.. and I'm going to consider Evernote only.. as alternative to Google Notebook.. I use both already.. But would be very bad to miss Google Notebook.. best app with Gmail and Reader.

  9. Why o' why did you not link a single item in your list? Now your readers have to spend their time looking up each alternative instead of simply clicking on a link.

    You spending 5 minutes to make them all link to the right place saves EACH READER 5 minutes doing the same.

  10. Fine. I didn't think it was a big deal. Please let me apologize to everyone who was frustrated with my Lack 'O Linking. It is Done. Please enjoy the list even more now. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. I don't understand why you don't use criteria or why you don't use a matrix? (see comments above)
    You can add these:

    * (Helipad)
    * Wikidpad
    * Jjot
    * Joe's Logbook
    * stikkit
    * OurNotePad
    * ZingLists
    * Peepel
    * The PocketMod
    * Papel
    * iOutliner
    * Wishlistr
    * SnapBits
    * WriteToMyBlog
    * Remember The Milk
    * iPrioritize
    * iJot
    * eyeOS
    * JotForm
    * Posticky
    * Acorn
    * Edit Pad
    * SynapseLife
    * Tweeto
    * MindManager
    * Freemind
    * Widgetop
    * Lokut
    * Zettels
    * Yourminis

  12. NEWS:
    I spook about Springpad (see comment above), very clean and clone of notebook.
    Springpad have now (since today) a great bookmarklet very similar to g.notebook. (see the blog

    I miss now two things...
    * the publish options for "non-springpad user"
    * the google login or openid login include in spingpad

  13. I like
    It is straightforward and versatile.

  14. I think you could use Read It Later ( ) with a firefox extension.

  15. You should add luminotes also. They list themselves as a personal wiki notebook.

  16. Kazehakase also has built-in clipping functionality if you use their "Expert" UI. Since I've been relying on Google Notebook, I haven't bothered to use it, but at least it is one of the more acceptable options to me (I use Kazehakase).

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  19. which among these is similar to opera's note feature?

  20. PS.
    or that is somewhat local (non-web base)

  21. Nobody seems to have mentioned the open source alternatives; Tom Boy or Gnote. Also see Wikipedia under Comparison of notetaking software

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  23. It's old news, but you can transfer your google notebooks to springpad using this: