This Is A Travesty

Join me in support of Google Notebook.

I (unfortunately) am a realist and understand that Notebook is unlikely to be "saved" by Google ... however, this product was SO CLOSE to being the absolute best thing made by Google since their search technology.

This product should continue. It should be developed.

I would like to have an opportunity to buy and develop this product. Please join me and show your support for What Could Have Been Google's greatest product.


  1. I use Notebook lots, sad that Google droped the ball on this.

  2. I used Notebook more than most, but best Google product? Come on now..

  3. As I've already commented on Ars Technica and the Google Notebook blog itself, I feel that this is an incredibly poor move on Google's behalf. Notebook *is* the best web app I've used in my many years of browsing - its lightness and portability (apparently) summed up the Google philosophy perfectly: perhaps more importantly, its existence also underlined a certain belief that Google utterly understood the needs of a power user.

    Now, my faith in Google has been dented and I look at their vast array of cloud apps with apprehension. I *wanted* to buy into the Google experience wholesale (Chrome, Android, all that) but now my trust - and my almost evangelical zeal - has been taken away. Nickel and diming at its absolute worst.

    Peter Whitehead

  4. I agree with citizenframe. I have also used Notebook a lot, and I have been very positive about all the different kinds of Google tools, to the point that a large part of my "office" is a "Google office". I use Gmail, Docs, Notebook, Reader, Sites, Calendar, etc. And now, with this move, I am starting to get a bit worried that this might happen again, to some of the other services I use. Sad, and it worries me!