Correspondence from Google

I've been able to get some discussion with people within Google on this topic. However, as I suspected, the people I've been able to reach aren't the "right" people that can give me the answers I want.

Additionally, there is nothing (yet) I can share regarding the potential to re-evaluate the decision to halt development of Notebook or allow someone else to further it's development.

Clearly, there is a bit of a groundswell from the user community (like me) that should suggest to G that this product should be more valuable to them then it (apparently) is.

Sidenote: I received a note from the co-founder of UberNote that suggests I should have included his application in the poll. Check it out. Might be another alternative.

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  1. Sign the petition and spread the word:

    Let them know how many of us are there that do care about the Google Notebook.