Don't Push Me Away Google. I've been so committed to you. I've Trusted You.


  1. Surely I will participate in any form of
    "protest" or effort to let Google know we would like to "save" Notebook.

    But here is something more: It would be really nice Google would aloud just "our own"
    development of services which Google itself does not want to develop
    anymore, in any way, for example as Mozilla & Co. ...

    But I already wrote, and wrote, and wrote it... For years now... With no result...

    Mdjohnson, what about to include this point into our "petition"?


  2. Hi Julia ... Great idea. Assigning the development of Notebook to an "Open Source" mode (or General Public License-GPL) would be a great alternative. Some folks have expressed doubts that Google would allow others to have access to their code ... but maybe?

    As far as the petition is concerned, I don't have control over it. I provide a link to it here and encourage everyone to "sign it". (

  3. what about using google app engine and google notebooks api?