Evernote Is Hitting On Us Notebook Users

It was only a matter of (short) time. Evernote has come through with a tool to help import your Google Notebooks into Evernote. Since Evernote seems to be the preferred alternatives amongst those of you who have "voted" on my poll, I expect this new import functionality will be heavily utilized. Evernote follows in the footsteps of Ubernote with the creation of an import function (both using Notebook's export to Atom feed function).

While my preference is to see G-Notebook live, I have yet to see any signs of interest from Google. Anyone find anything to suggest otherwise?

Here's Evernote's video of the tool.

Read more about Evernote trying to cozy up with you and give you some love right here: "Welcome You Fine Google Notebook Users"

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  1. Has any one chosen a replacement and converted from Google Notebook yet?