Anyone know someone to contact at Google

Anyone have an address / phone # of someone to contact at Google about buying and reviving Notebook?

Probably better to send me the note versus publishing it on the web for everyone to see.

Okay ... I've sent a note into a specific person at Google about this and will await a response. I doubt I've got the right person, but hopefully, I'll get bounced to the right one.


  1. You can also try leaving feedback on their Google Notebook feedback form.

  2. Jay ... thanks for the tip ... I'll follow that approach also. I've got some product manager contacts in Google that I am working as well.

  3. I'd pay for continued use. Hate to set the precedent, but it may be time.

    For research from various offices and libraries, notebook is really essential. I just discovered yesterday that the old solution of posting e-mails is sometimes closed off at academic institutions.

    So suddenly, Google notebook is even more essential.

  4. We are hoping to be a good replacement for Google Notebook.

    We are open to feedback to best suit google notebook users!

    Can we get put on your poll for alternatives?

    Thank you,
    Joshua Ho
    UberNote co-founder

  5. Joshua,

    I'll definitely check out UberNote as well.
    Sorry I didn't get you added to the poll (apparently I can't add you now that people have voted).

    Didn't know about your product (sorry). Based on my 1 minute look ... you might have a great alternative.

  6. Sign the petition and spread the word:

    Let them know how many of us are there that do care about the Google Notebook.

  7. Just got an Update on my Google toolbar--Notebook was being touted. Wonder if we did it?