Seems like we've been here before

Ouch. Damn Google. You're killing us here (imagine a Yiddish accent).

Bye Bye Google Wave ... too.

These guys are doing a hell of a job (better than me, I'm afraid) of trying to muster up support for Saving Google products. Please feel free to give them your support if you haven't done so already. I wish you guys the best of luck. It's well worth the effort ... see ... take a look at Google Notebook :(

I want to love Google ... I really do ... but I feel like they make out with me for a while then slap me in the face. I want to take Google to the prom, but they get in my car and then jump out the window at the first stop sign. We made a deal Google ... I show you mine, you show me yours ... but you broke our deal. Etc.

Why big G? Why do you turn your back on those of us who love you the most?

You think we'd learn. First Google Notebook ... now Google Wave.

What's next?

Really ... What's next to fall?