Open Invite To Raj Krishnan - Google Notebook Product Manager

Dear Mr. Krishnan,
Product Manager of Google Notebook,

Please contact me at savenotebook at gmail dot com to share your views on the development stoppage of the Notebook product which you successfully developed into a product which has inspired users to adopt with great enthusiasm.

I believe that users of this product are rational, intelligent people who are not satisfied with the decision or explanation and would like further information to better understand how and if our relationship with Google should be impacted.

Sincerely ...
Moderator of Savenotebook.Blogspot.Com


  1. I wouldn't mind if Google said they were going to fold Notebook into Google Docs, but they didn't say that.

  2. If anyone from Google is reading this.

    I accept you are no longer going to develop the Notebook product, but you are going to keep the service running which is great. This means people, like me, can continue to use it.

    An important part of the Notebook is the Firefox extension which quickly allows you to take notes and retrieve notes while browsing the net. I understand the extension is still available at but I would make two reasonable requests.

    Can you release the extension under an open license and upload the extension to the official Mozilla Add-ons repository. This way the community can maintain the extension and develop it further so that it will continue to be supported with future versions of Firefox. As of Firefox 3.5 Beta it is now broken.

    I understand any user can simple change the version restrictions in the extension, but each individual user from now on will have to do this. No one user will be allowed to publish a modified version of the extension to the Mozilla Add-ons repository because the extension remains copyright to Google and for an individual user to modify the extension and try publish it would break copyright and thus Mozilla will not publish it.

    So please open the extension under an open license. Even a Creative Commons Attribution license would work.

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  4. Please, please PLEASE, Google, reconsider your discontinuation of a product which is only now gaining traction, but is already deeply embedded in the browsing habits of your most adept webnauts!