Anybody Used "Tomboy"?

Came across what appears to be another "Notebook" replacement called Tomboy. Sounds interesting. Would like someone who has used it to give feedback in the notes.



  1. Had a quick look. Lots of links to "Download It". Not sure if it's an application or not. I need a web based solution.

  2. Hi, I found a new alternative :

    Free and very complete. Try this notepad online :)

  3. For me, the loss of notebook has prompted me to shift over to Opera which has a integrated notes feature. Via Opera Link, you can then synch your notes across your various Opera installs and in general works pretty well.

    Although I really like Chrome, I'm kind of backing away now from my Google-based net dependency as I feel my trust in their cloud has been fatally harmed. Over in Opera-land I'm doing much of my searching via Clusty, which currently has the freshness that Google once did so long ago and has some advantages over a standard Google search.

    It just seems a shame that all our comments on the Notebook dev page have been pretty much ignored - it smacks of an arrogance that is maybe inevitable in all giant corporations. Either that or the dev folk are just too afraid to speak out against The Man. Whichever, it's a sorry state.

  4. Hi I'm late to this blog and should have joined earlier. Thanks for setting up this blog - I'm 100% with you. 100% agree with citizenframe above.

  5. Tomboy is offline. Sync between GN and Tomboy is good.