Open Source Notebook Initiative

Very little happening on the Google Notebook front (unfortunately). It really seems like they've not only dropped the support for this product, but also completely ignored the backlash that their decision has made. I have made reference to driving Google towards GPL'ing the product in order to open source Notebook, but they seem to have no interest in taking this action. Recently, this comment was added to our blog:

hey there.
i saw your comment on the google notebook blog about the notebook app development being stopped.
im trying to mobilise a team/collective to take Notebook to open source.
If you're interested, please email me on misteka at gmail dot com

This is great. I am fully behind this person's initiative and would be more than happy to help. Anyone else?


  1. Sure but I'd be no help beyond cheerleader :)

  2. what is (was?) G thinking, I use notebook lots !

  3. thanks for highlighting the initiative! we need all kinds of help, namely right now getting Google's attention and e-mail address(es) so we can talk to the right people.

    email on misteka at gmail dot com if you are interested. cheerleaders also welcome to twitter/facebook/etc :)

  4. Perhaps this could be a project for Google's Summer of Code projects?

  5. Hi y'all
    Going thru comments to the Google Notebook post on stopping development. Ended up here. Wanted to leave a note for anyone to contact me at Loc (at) We tried a bunch of alternatives and still weren't happy with any Notebook "alternatives" - now we're programming our own. Welcoming any insight and feedback at this point!