Yahoo in the game?

It's been a bit slow around here. Google has given no indication of interest in the uprising they have created amongst their devoted user community.

However, just today, Yahoo! announced the introduction (currently in limited Beta testing) an online "Search Pad", which appears to mimic some of the Notebook functionality.

Once again, I find it interesting that Google is stepping away from a valuable product while Microsoft and Yahoo! are moving towards incorporating similar functionality. This functionality is a part of the future of web browsing.

Video below:


  1. The futur and priority of Google is google documents; they will integrate some features for taking notes fastly on this wonderfull tool.

    Well, hope so ;)

  2. I use to be a big google fan and lately i have heard from google users and with my own experience that google does not care about what their users want. The seem to do what they think the people want. I recently left google and went to Micosoft's Window's Live. I love everything that Microsot is doing form the email to their docs to even their sharedview program. Microsoft is going to change the game in alot of ways. As a writer Microsoft give me all the tools I am looking for. I think Google needs to stay with their search engine if they are not going to listen to their users. The only thing I use of google is blogger (I hate wordpress) and adsense. That its just me.

  3. Notebook code being ported over to Google Reader??

    I just noticed a "Notes" section in Google Reader that I haven't seen before. Maybe I just never noticed it, but I use Reader a lot so I think I would have.

    It lets you drag web clips to a browser toolbar shortcut like they provided for Notebook. Then it becomes an item in Google Reader, just like your RSS items. The difference is you can't do all of the editing like Notebook. You can add a comment, and share it like Reader items. You can also manually add a text note manually, but still can't go back and edit it later, it's kind of a microblogging feature.

    Anyway, it might be useful for part of the way I used Notebook (for gathering web clippings and tagging them), but not for other functionality.

  4. Jason, I have notice it too. I use Google reader a lot and today is the first time I noticed it. In that regards, I just want to reply to my own comment.
    I left Google because as a big fan of them I have felt disoppointed that they are doing what they are doing to notebook. It is not the notebook part that I am upset is at the fact that I never received any type of email or anything about their plans. I think Google needs to start emailing their users about changes they are planning. After all it is us the users that are making Google what it is today. I am the type of person that does not like to find out things through other people. I want to know straight from the source. That is just me. I started to use Google because it is silly to leave something because of one simple thing that can be replaced.I love Google and plan to use them as long as they are around. I think they might be the next Microsoft. can we expect to have Google vista or some sort of software, I think it would be great!